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Independently owned and operated.
Not a cooperative buying group and
not part of the Stew Leonard’s food chain.
Stew Leonard's Wines Specials

Effective 07/23/2014 through 07/29/2014
Prices for Farmingdale store only
Wines Perfect For BBQ!
Louis Martini Sonoma
Cabernet Sauvignon
Save $2
Red Blend
Save $2
Los Caballos 1.5 Liter
All Varietals
Save $1
Ecco Domani
Pinot Grigio
Save $2
Great Spirits For The Party!
Maker's Mark
Bourbon Liter
Save $2
Patron Silver
Tequila 750ml
Save $5
Bacardi Rum
Gold and Light 1.75ml
Save $3
Bombay Sapphire
Gin Liter
Save $2
Stews Wines
Stew Leonard's Wines are individually owned and operated.
They are not a chain and are not a cooperative buying group.
They are not part of Stew Leonard's grocery chain.
Each store purchases product separately.

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