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Independently owned and operated.
Not a cooperative buying group and
not part of the Stew Leonard’s food chain.
Stew Leonard's Wines Specials

Effective 04/16/2014 through 04/22/2014
Prices for Clifton store only
Save on Great Wines!
kendall Jackson
Chardonnay 750mL
Santa Margherita
Pinot Grigio 750mL
Louis Martini
Cabernet Sauvignon 750mL
Montepulciano 750mL
Save on Spirits!
Vodka 1.75L
Tito's Handmade
Vodka 1.75L
Jack Daniels
Whiskey 1.75L
Cinnamon Whiskey 750mL
Save on Beers!
Budweiser/Bud Light
30 PK cans
Corona Extra
24 PK Loose Case Btl
Sam Adams Summer Ale
12 PK Btl
Blue Moon
12 PK Btl
Stews Wines
Stew Leonard's Wines are individually owned and operated.
They are not a chain and are not a cooperative buying group.
They are not part of Stew Leonard's grocery chain.
Each store purchases product separately.

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